Iggle Pop Game

Iggle Pop Game

Looking for free arcade games to play? The Iggle Pop game offers tons of levels and it's incredibly addictive. It'll keep you coming back for more.

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What we think
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+ Wonderful retro gaming experience with superb 80s-style graphics and sound
+ Loads of levels in two different modes
+ Incredibly addictive gameplay will keep you coming back

- There's no follow-up or extra levels available

You must rescue the Iggles from the Zoogs. The game is shown as a top-down maze, just like Pacman, Pingo and many other 1980s arcade classics.

The way you rescue them is by touching the bubble they're caught in. They emerge from the bubble and attach themselves to you in a chain.

Lead your chain of Iggles to the exit of their color and you get a bonus. Chain like-colored Iggles for huge extra points.

There are AUTO SORT power ups which will take a mixed chain and sort them into color order for you: a great way to get big scores.

Iggle Pop

Also there are ZAP and FREEZE power ups which give you the edge over Zoogs. This is good news, because they get more and more dangerous as you clear levels.

After a couple of chapters of Adventure mode, you can unlock Retro, a true Pacman clone and very addictive!

The graphics and sound are wonderfully done, very cute and a true throwback.

Reviewed by: Ashley Cotter-Cairns

Iggle Pop!  Iggle Pop!

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